"Funnels" Inteligentes para Redes de Mercadeo

Cambia la manera de prospectar en frio ya sea con referidos o en línea con un Embudo de Ventas hecho para generar un lazo de confianza con tu futuro afiliado.

Why Choose Us

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Our Mission

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What We Do

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Our Advantages

Qualified Doctors

We employ recognized medical specialists from all over the world.

Modern Equipment

Our team uses the newest medical equipment and supplies of top quality.

Emergency Help

Our qualified specialists are always ready to provide any emergency help.

Individual Approach

Our unique approach allows us to provide tailored medical services.


Jose Rosas Zarich & Isaac Yataco Palomino

WEB MMN es una solución tecnológica "llave en mano" lista para el uso personalizada para cada una de las distintas redes de mercadeo pero con un mismo fin común, lograr adquirir más eficientemente afiliados con tu propio embudo de ventas o captación de afiliados y mejorar la gestión con los existentes o el manejo de los contactos y control del marketing.

Our Advantages

Dr. Kimberly Douglas

General Surgeon

General Surgeon


Dr. Jennifer Ortega


Dr. Arthur Banks



I had a colonoscopy at Heathia City Clinic. I was greeted and treated warmly and respectfully and it was the best experience. Thank you for a great work you’ve done!

Thomas Stanley

I would like to thank and compliment the staff at Healthia, including the outpatient, laboratory staff and cardiac division during my stay at your facility on July 9th.

Thomas Stanley

Dr. Douglas was very helpful and willing to answer all the questions and take the time to make suggestions. Thank you for your kindness and help.

Thomas Stanley



About Us

Healthia City Clinic is the leading healthcare provider in the region that also stands committed to providing for the ever-growing and diverse healthcare needs of the individuals in our community.

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